Violations of the rules on responsible corporate governance and integrity can be reported via our whistleblower system.

In accordance with legal requirements – for example under the German Supply Chain Act and the new Directive (EU) 2019/1937 – ten different categories are provided for the submission of complaints.

Misconduct and violations of applicable legal requirements, internal regulations and the WashTec (Supplier) Code of Conduct are not tolerated at WashTec.

This Grievance and Reporting Procedure (hereinafter “Procedure”) ensures proper investigation of any information about human rights or environmental risks or violations within the meaning of the German Supply Chain Act (“Grievances”) or about other violations of applicable law or of internal stipulations (“Reports”). Our procedure is standardized for the entire WashTec Group. An electronic grievance and reporting system (“whistleblower system”) is available for the submission of information. Information can be submitted confidentially and, if desired, anonymously on the whistleblower system website, which is available to everyone at this link.