The WashTec mission statement:
We offer the highest possible benefit to people who wash vehicles professionally.


OUR IDENTITY as the inventor of automated vehicle washing:
We are specialists because we know that we serve our target audience most effectively by focusing all our efforts on their most important needs and solving their problems better than others.


We are a winning team because, as world champions, we are constantly improving and innovating.


We are product and service leaders because we guarantee the best possible technology and quality at a reasonable price. We are the clear leader in innovation.


We are sustainable because we demand and implement environmental as well as economic sustainability, both in the entire life cycle of our products and in all our thinking and actions.


We believe in customer benefit because we know that higher customer care leads to better business results. Sales and profits are not the objective, but the results of our activities.


Tasks and objectives in dealing with our customers and suppliers:
We connect closely with our target audience, we are part of their world and know their requirements and needs better than anyone else.


We are delighted with every customer contact. Every contact is a positive experience for our customers.
We inspire our customers by exceeding their expectations.


We offer our suppliers a long-term and reliable partnership. In return, we expect loyalty, quality, commitment, flexibility and innovation.


All of this also applies to our internal customer and supplier relationships.


Responsibilities and objectives of our employees:
We are open, genuine and honest. Trust, fairness and learning shape our actions.
We expect everyone to perform, to have a sense of responsibility and to be loyal.


Everyone sees themselves as an entrepreneur at WashTec, sets high standards for themselves and constantly develops their skills, makes decisions in their area of responsibility and takes responsibility for them.


We clearly assign tasks and responsibilities and hold each other accountable. Our managers create the right climate for the best possible personal and professional development of our employees.


We live social sustainability and promote further development and training.
We stand for all people living together in a spirit of respect.