WashTec takes every opportunity in its business activities to preserve and create economic, environmental and social benefit. Responsibility for implementing economic, environmental and social topics – generally grouped under the heading of sustainability – lies with the CEO. The CEO works in close consultation with the Chair of the Supervisory Board’s Corporate Strategy and Sustainability Committee, which was newly established in 2022 and which oversees the Company’s sustainable orientation for the Supervisory Board.

Under our Corporate Philosophy, sustainable business conduct is also the responsibility of every employee. A special role in our sustainability activities is played by the Sustainability Obeya Team, which develops cross-functional ideas for sustainability projects, assesses their feasibility and supports their implementation in regular review processes.

The sustainability strategy is formulated in-house with the involvement of the Obeya Sustainability Team and, following approval by the full Management Board, is adopted by the Supervisory Board Sustainability Committee. We obtain advice and support from an outside consultant in preparation of the sustainability report and implementation of the GRI requirements.

We are currently looking at including sustainability components in executive target achievement as part of the remuneration system for senior management – for example as agreed management-by-objectives (MBO) targets or Long Term Incentive Program (LTIP) components. A decision is expected by Month n, 202X

In the internal processes as part of our Integrated Management System, locations that have not undergone official certification are treated as if certified. We apply the same standards across the board. This also includes identical audit processes. Certification of the Czech plant to ISO 50001 is planned for 202X