It is not yet possible for us to specify targets and KPIs for supply chain monitoring. We began to roll out supplier evaluation and risk assessment software in 2023. Once that is implemented and all suppliers are on board, we can go on to the next steps.

We meet the requirements under the Supply Chain Act with the help of a software solution. This is connected to a risk dashboard that combines abstract risk scores with specific risk analyses based on alerts. The resulting information is tracked in the software.

We are currently examining whether to carry out the necessary audits in-house or use a third party. That depends on how the staffing situation develops in the Purchasing Department and the number of suppliers to be audited.

Environmental responsibility aspects included in our new Supplier Code of Conduct, which entered into force in 2023, are the handling of hazardous substances, waste and recycling. As the legal requirements for businesses are becoming more stringent, our Code is also stricter in this regard.