WashTec’s reporting on the EU Taxonomy covers the scope required by law. For 2023, in addition to environmental objectives 1 and 2, we report on Taxonomy eligibility regarding environmental objectives 3 to 6. This is information is provided in the Separate Non- financial Report in our Annual Report.

We are following the legislative process at EU level very closely so that we will beprepared in good time for all mandatory requirements under the CSRD. Starting in 2021,we have compiled voluntary sustainability reports based on the GRI Standards. Wecurrently expect that there will be overlaps with the disclosure requirements under theCSRD. The materiality analysis on the basis of dual materiality in accordance with theCSRD was performed in the fall of 2023 and presented in the Sustainability Report 2023.

Customers generally request similar information regarding ESG activities. The maintopics are human rights compliance, decarbonization, energy reduction, supply chains,materials used and biodiversity.

WashTec’s initiatives and customers’ requirements are generally congruent, as wenaturally align our activities closely with market needs.

One activity area that is definitely a commercial differentiator is the development of smartservices to mimimize resource consumption in the operation of our products.

We have already started systematically compiling data from non-producing countries. This data is available from fiscal year 2022 onwards. We will review and decide on its publication in the course of report preparation for 2023. The decision will be primarily based on whether the data meets adequate standards of consistency, comparability and verifiability.