We understand the question to mean comparing the impacts of using carwash equipment with manual car washing. We compare standardized vehicle wash equipment and its consumption figures with the water consumption in manual car washing. We are unable to use standardized figures for manual car washing, however, as none can be derived due to differences in terms of the amount of dirt to be removed, vehicle size and available water quality.

In our sustainability report, we compare average water consumption for manual car washing with that used in a WashTec gantry carwash. The report also provides information comparing carwash equipment with and without water treatment.

Specifying indicators to measure our sustainability performance is naturally also relevant for our washing chemicals product portfolio. In our sustainability report, we currently provide information on the number of products in the Green Car Care portfolio.

WashTec will present the KPI for water treatment systems sold for the 2023 reporting year. The figure relates to systems sold with and without a water treatment system and is presented as a percentage.

WashTec has specified an internal KPI and an internal target for waste reduction. As we are still feeling the effect of the material shortages after the pandemic shutdowns and other crisis-driven supply chain restrictions, we frequently have to accept partial deliveries, which involves more waste than normal. Because of this, we are not yet back to normal operating levels with regard to material quantities in waste management and for this reason we do not yet publish the KPI.